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Strain info Lemon OG Kush DNA Genetics Seeds

strain info Lemon OG Kush DNA Genetics Seeds

A magnificent cross between lemon skunk and that extra special og 18. So here goes my opinions and experience on this strain in DWC: In terms of yield all i can say is it took 2 people 10 hours to clip 3 plants, and we.
Dit is de originele Lemon OG Kush, samengesteld uit een stek van de Las Strain info: Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) gefeminiseerd. Amount of seeds, 6.
Lemon OG Kush cannabis seeds by DNA Genetics belong to a feminised strain that originates from the cross between Lemon Skunk and an OG #18. Lemon OG Kush grows in beautiful small/medium-sized marijuana plants that yield.
Seed to Strain: DNA Genetics Amsterdam and LA Confidential

Strain info Lemon OG Kush DNA Genetics Seeds - tausend

We are currently experiencing issues with viewing and uploading images, our team is working on the issue. Shit looks good bro. Yes we did get very tiny bits of mould here and there literally a bud here and there but nothing to what it should have been or what i expected! »»» Click to show all parents of Lemon OG Kush in our dynamic family tree map. Und auch bei der Wirkung wird man nicht enttäuscht: Eine der stärksten Sorten die ich je verköstigt habe,wirkt sehr entspannend,aber macht gleichzeitig auch euphorisch und leicht aktivierend. These seeds are sold by natickhistory.org as collectable adult souvenirs to help preserve the cannabis genetics for future generations. Volg ons op Twitter. It may be beneficial for those battling with depressionPTSDOCDor bipolar disorder. How did it smoke? I use Advanced Bud candy, senizym, Big bud, Head Masta this is the shit!
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