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Article super bowl best and worst commercials

article super bowl best and worst commercials

Relive the highs and lows of advertising's biggest day of the year. And read Nat Ives' complete Super Bowl LI ad review right here. Follow Ad Age on Twitter.
The lead-up to the Super Bowl normally brims with discussion of the ads teased in advance online. This year, that conversation got drowned.
This year's crop of Super Bowl commercials was not immune from today's politically charged atmosphere, with several TV spots highlighting. article super bowl best and worst commercials
Retire Here, Not There. spiced up their template by recruiting action stars Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, who kicked butt—should we assume the victims were villains who had it coming? Subtle, in the best way. Justins Bieber and Timberlake were great, as were most of the attempts at social commentary. An NFL career may await. I love you, bathroom break during this Febreze ad.
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